That was thought to live in Dubai in the Middle East


Japan ship protection, danger area request to other countries

That was thought to live in Dubai in the Middle East Government policy in Japan ship protection, danger areas ask the Self-Defense Forces Middle East dispatched to other countries Government relates to the Middle East dispatch of Maritime Self-Defense Force which is scheduled the end of the year, the northwest side of the Gulf of Oman the attack on the tanker has occurred this year - a month removed from the escort ship of activities waters, imminent danger to Japan relation ship in these waters If, it solidified a policy to request protection to the military of other countries such as the United States and France as a general rule. Multiple of the government ruling party officials revealed In addition to the main purpose of the dispatch is the information collection, if the Self-Defense Forces have been corresponding, for the possibility that the use of force in violation of the Constitution can not be excluded. In stance from that of the other countries military activities in the Middle East continue to cooperation, including information sharing, the government plans Meikisuru and [carry out the foreign countries, etc.