That was thought to live in Dubai in the Middle East


Dangerous air pollution in the attention Asia and the Middle East ...

That was thought to live in Dubai in the Middle East Advance dangerous air pollution on a business trip destination of air Note Asia and in the Middle East Delhi and Cairo, Beijing, Riyadh, Jeddah, such as Dubai, people who travel to the big cities of Asia Middle East achieve the rapid growth will consider the bringing of the mask to protect the lung by almost remove the small particles. If you are planning a day minimum stay, it may be better to prepare some of the mask. Of course, airlines and reserved hotel service in these cities there are many people who go on a business trip, the local Tourism Promotion Bureau and the group will not voluntarily proposed to bring a mask. However, the Utrecht, The Netherlands as a base, travel management company BCD Travel, which boasts annual sales of 000 million US dollars (about trillion 00 billion yen), recommends the bring of the mask to business travelers hundreds of thousands of customers. BCD recently, Business travelers in particular often visit the air out of the cities around the world announced the investigation to'm only half there in a safe level.